Holiday Decorating: To Cobweb or not to Cobweb?

It’s the haunting month and you know what that means: the onset of holiday decorating straight through until the new year. Put away your patio set, folks, and get out your tiny lights on strings, because

International Students Flock to VIU in Nanaimo

Our own Vancouver Island University is attracting worldwide attention. Students from around the globe are coming to our city to study, and with good reason.
Vancouver Island University Located in Beautiful

5 Things to do in Nanaimo for Halloween: Halloween Howl 2014

Halloween Happenings
Looking for something terrifyingly fun to do this Hallow’s Eve? The Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association’s 2014 Halloween Howl is sure to spook you to the core! The

Island Ferry Services Ready to Move Forward

Dave Marshall, Director of Marine operations for Island Ferry Services, says the passenger ferry project between Downtown Nanaimo and Downtown Vancouver is ready to move forward. The boats have been constructed

Real Estate Negotiation 101: Twin Tips for Sellers

Real estate negotiation is easy! Well, ok, maybe not. It can be pretty complicated, frustrating, and emotionally draining. But when you come to the negotiation table, there are two things to keep in mind

Seal The Deal: Electronic Signature Solutions

Let's face it, you hired people to sell your house because your time is valuable. We want to ensure that you're getting value from using us. A big part of that is ensuring that we're working as efficiently